Troop Care Package Outreach

The Care Package Program has been a blessing to thousands of our troops across our nation and the world.  This program was started in 2015, and features specially designed "Pocket Patrol Packs" that are uniquely 'branch specific' and contain numerous tracts, brochures and information that point the recipient to a personal walk with Jesus Christ.
Having been impacted with the gospel as a young service member myself, I have an incredible appreciation for those who serve in uniform, and know how very open many of our troops are to spiritual truth during their time in the military.
Additionally, in 2021, our ministry added a Pocket Patrol Pack for Law Enforcement.  With our men and women in Blue being incredibly stretched today, there has been an incredible demand for these resources, and the emotional and spiritual help to officers has been a blessing.
All of these materials are available cost free to chaplains and pastors.  Contact me if you would like to take advantage of these unique resources.
Evangelist David Sommerdorf
II Cor. 4:5
Phone - 512-626-0445